Monday, August 13, 2007

bits and pieces

I officiated a wedding in PA this past weekend. The couple that got married are both artists (musician and dancer) and their ceremony was indicative of their creative natures. I'm continually amazed at the creative ways in which couples choose to express their love for one another via the wedding ceremony and that's why I am overjoyed when someone asks me to be a part of that special occasion.
Several Sundays ago my sermon was a bit interactive in that I asked for some feedback regarding the question, "What are you sure of in life?" After several people spoke up I noticed Sophia was kinda roaming around. Without giving it much thought, I stopped her and asked her the same question. As the question rolled off my tongue I realized that the question was pretty difficult to comprehend and that I probably wouldn't get a sensible answer. Sophia's answer? "Um, Ira breathes." I would say that's more than sensible. More like profound.
Speaking of Ira, he's off the vent for three hours at a time right now. He definitely works hard while off but maintains his numbers and isn't so tired by the end that it's detrimental. In other words, he's rocking and rolling!
I hang out with Ira on Monday mornings. I was very excited about the new season of Sesame Street. It didn't disappoint. The new opening is wonderful. The guests (Tina Fey, Brian Williams, Chris Brown, etc.) were entertaining. It had just the right amount of adult jokes to keep me tuned in. Of course, they included some of their vintage '70s bits. And the new theme of literacy is perfect. I'll be sad when my kids outgrow Sesame Street.



Blogger pastorkes said...

"Ira breathes". man, i got a full-body chill reading that. wow.

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